Conscious Caregiving - Boundaries

Conscious Caregiving - Boundaries

from 25.00

This workshop fee is based on a sliding scale, from $25-$50. This is in order to make it affordable to as many people as possible. If you can pay more, please do so. Chose the payment level you can afford from the options provided.



In this ongoing series we will share with you the tools you need to bring more ease and intention into your relationships with children, whatever they look like.

Each session will provide an overview of Waldorf pedagogy, with specific emphasis on very young children and their developmental needs.

Upon completing a session you will also gain access to our online workshop portal, where you can find all of the information covered in the workshop in an easily reviewable format.


Loving boundaries will bring ease and understanding to your work with children and allow them to feel safe enough to explore their human experience freely, unhindered by anxiety.

So often we come to our work with children with lots of ideas about how not to set boundaries, how not to work with discipline, and wind up overcompensating and working reactively rather than providing the calm, confident authority children need to experience—both to facilitate their development now, and to have as a model for when they get older and need to establish their own boundaries.

In this session you will learn tools to help foster young children’s independence while keeping them safe and providing for them the capacity for judgement they do not yet possess. We will discuss how to use boundary setting in a healthy and supportive way and provide a space for you to explore your own mindset around discipline.