Recomended Reading

A weekly-ish gathering of articles, etc. that I find interesting and relevant to our mission of working lovingly and mindfully with children.


Introducing Recommended Reading!

Last week I realized I had an entire window on my computer dedicated to articles I wanted to share, full of open tabs. Rather than let them languish there when they could be of some help, I’ve decided to select my favorites and share them here on (most) Mondays. If you find or write something you think I should share, let me know and I’ll give it a look!

About being present when you’re with your kids, and why adults need to be more conscious of their device use around children: The Dangers of Distracted Parenting. From The Atlantic

In case you missed the memo, play is essential for children’s development: Five Proven Benefits of Play. From NPR. (Quick Read)

On expanding our ideas of what “boys” should be like, and what we can do to support gender creativity: Imagining a Better Boyhood. Also from The Atlantic

A pair of articles about the gender chore gap:

A “Generationally Perpetuated” Problem: Daughters do More Chores. From The New York Times

On My Son and Daughter Doing Chores. by LaTonya Yvette (Quick Read)

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