Yoga with Michelle!

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On the top floor of the brownstone we are located in, Michelle Mankins has a beautiful, sunny, cozy yoga studio, with classes starting up for the season on September 17!

She offers drop in yoga classes ever Monday from 9-10:30, as well as two separate 6 week series on Tuesdays and Thursdays centered around the teachings of Aururveda; intended to help you navigate the transition to Vata season.

Additionally, she and her colleague Shoshana Perry will be teaching a meditation class on Wednesdays, and facilitating a Sangha on Fridays. From Michelle: 

Sangha is a circle of friends interested in studying mindfulness and sharing how it manifests in our daily lives. It is an opportunity to share experiences and learn how to listen deeply to each other's stories. Each meeting will begin with a short meditation. Those new to meditation and/or interested in exploring meditation and mindfulness are warmly welcome. Sangha is free. We are hoping to build a community of practitioners interested in and able to come to most of the sangha meetings.

For more information, check out Michelle's website or email her at