As a teacher in a larger school, I would spend an afternoon every few weeks writing a letter to the parents and caregivers of my students. These (long) letters would include poetic sentiments about the nature of the particular season we were in, bits of advice about how to integrate what we were working with in the classroom into the students' home lives, recommended resources, and news about upcoming community events. Now, I've decided to create a dedicated space for those letters, where anyone interested can read them and hopefully find some value or learning. 

I have grand imaginations for this space, and will be inviting others in our broad community to write from their expertise in the hopes that I can and share even more resources and support. But much of the time it will be me, writing long paragraphs about the deep cosmic wonder of playing in the mud or lighting a candle. Much of the writing will be centered around children's lives, but much of it will also be written for adults--those of us who care for children need some love and support as well. Whether your child is enrolled at Brooklyn Morning Garden or not, I hope you'll join me in this space and find something that enriches your life.