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VOTE. For the love of Oprah, vote. Vote like your freedom, health, planet, and children depend on it. Vote like other people’s freedom, health, planet, and children depend on it. Vote because these decisions will impact a lot of people who don’t have a say in them because of institutionalized racism and voter disenfranchisement. (If you want to vote and can’t, that’s awful, I’m sorry. As I told a 14 year old when I was text banking yesterday: get other people to vote. Volunteer. Register as soon as/if ever you can.)

Find out if you’re registered here. Find your polling place here. Learn more about your ballot here. Lean about NYC ballot initiatives here. Volunteer (from your couch while your kid naps) to get out the vote here. Chalk the vote here! If they try to turn you away, they cannot, under federal law. Request a provisional ballot. More here.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

I was reminded a few times this week of this old article by folk herbalist and mother Amber Magnolia Hill, offering a beautiful, honest perspective on the value (for the whole family) of helping babies learn to sleep. From Mythic Medicine

On the importance of rhythm and routine for parents, too. From Latonya Yvette. (Quick read.)

Tips for nurturing gratitude in growing children. Much of this is aimed at older, school-aged children, but No. 2 (and 7) especially is so on point for even the youngest children. From Cup of Jo.

Oh, and VOTE. (Why? Because I said so.)

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