Thoughtful Giving

In this season of consumer madness, I wanted to create a gift guide of simple, beautiful things and experiences—both those that support the work of childhood, and those that will bring some joy and warmth to those grownups who devote their time to children (parents, babysitters, teachers, what-have-you.) I hope that this guide can inspire you, as you search for tokens to show your love and bring some cheer to the cold dark of winter, to give gifts that will not only be thoughtfully given, but have also been thoughtfully made and will be thoughtfully used. Merry merry!


For Children

A warm wooly coat with big buttons so they can practice.

A cup that’s just their size and (usually) won’t break when dropped…

a year’s supply of fancy pink tea.

A few special toys to inspire their play. (Nesting cups, hen, squirrel, crayons)


Warm and waterproof winter boots that allow them to use their feet naturally, made by an Indigenous-owned Canadian company that values the continuation of traditional crafts.

A collection of beautiful, wordless books about the simple pleasures of each season.

A rocker board to help them learn balance.

A wee handmade basket for organizing toys and carrying treasures.

A special handmade doll to practice caregiving.

A gorgeous playsilk to be a cape or a blanket or the roof of a fort.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.06.02 PM.png

A session of Forest School, to help them find nature in the city.

For Caregivers

A gorgeous layer with pockets to hold lots of sidewalk treasures.

A mug to wrap chilly hands around and…

some high-vibe hot drink mix to brighten up a grey day.

A learn-to-knit class, to have a new skill to practice while they play.

A matching pair because big feet get cold too.

One of my favorite books, to learn about life and caregiving from a brilliant woman and the plants she knows well. (try the audio version, her voice is good company on long stroller nap walks)


A natural rubber yoga mat (and a class pass at a favorite studio) to find some balance again.

A beautiful basket backpack for elegantly schlepping to the park and inspiring daydreams of beach days to come.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.26.25 PM.png

Nice smelling new age-y soap to practice self-care giving.

A silk in a more subdued palate (or not, you do you) because they make the world’s best scarves.


Tools to bring more intention and ease to anyone’s work with children, through our Conscious Caregiving workshop series.


A Note on Sourcing:

To make this accessible for everyone, I included mostly things that can be bought online. If you’re looking to shop locally: Acorn is a lovely toy shop in Brooklyn, Art Shack has the most incredible ceramics (and classes for older kids!), Purl Soho has all great natural materials for anyone crafty, and Stonefruit has beautiful plants and planters for your work proximity associates.)

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