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A weekly-ish gathering of articles, etc. that I find interesting and relevant to our mission.


Guys baking bread with no idea how to bake bread: the results likely won’t surprise you. The Try Guys Bake Bread Without a Recipe. Partially, watching this made me think about how happy I am to pass down the art of baking to a new generation, but mostly it’s just a dose of comedic relief. (Yes this is a a 20 minute YouTube video, yes I think it’s work it to watch the whole thing for the laugh therapy.) From the Try Guys.

An organization in Boston, trying to close the achievement gap between children of different socioeconomic conditions, has broken down ways use play to support toddlers’ healthy cognitive development into five simple steps. 5 Things to Encourage Brain Development in Your Little One. From NPR. (Audio Available)

An important reminder, if you need one, on the life-long importance of getting enough sleep as a toddler. Study flags later risks for sleep-deprived kids. From the Harvard Gazette. (Quick Read)

About how being bad, trying, failing, and all those unpleasant things montages don’t show us are an essential part of the learning process. A Willingness to be Bad. From Austin Kellon. (Quick Read)

See Also: Carol Dweck on “Growth Mindset.” Her work has deeply informed my teaching from the beginning of my career. Simple and profound. I recommend her amazing Ted Talk, and her Book.

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