Our Teachers


Willow Westwood

Willow Westwood is the founder and lead teacher of Brooklyn Morning Garden. Willow has been an early childhood teacher in Waldorf schools for years and studied teaching at the Sunbridge Institute, a Waldorf teacher training center in Spring Valley, New York. She worked in early childhood at the Brooklyn Waldorf School for two years and as the lead teacher of the Children's Garden (ages 2-6) at Our Sons and Daughters School, a Waldorf school on the East End of Long Island.

Willow grew up on a mountain in Western Massachusetts, spending her days exploring in the forest and working in the garden. She moved to New York City at 18 to study History and Economics at The New School, where she came to realize how critical social awareness, the capacity for creativity, and practical skills were to individuals trying to work towards a better world. Eager to help support these capacities, she delved into socially conscious studies of child development and as she began working with children she saw a universality in their drive to learn and explore, as well as the incredibly unique way children in the city learned to interact with their environment.

She returned to Brooklyn in 2018 to serve the borough's incredible community of families, and created Brooklyn Morning Garden to provide a place where children can receive the loving support they need to thrive in urban environments. 


Solana Hoffmann-Carter

After graduating from the University of the Arts with a bachelors of fine arts in dance and a minor in religion and philosophy, Solana has spent most of her time caring for children of all ages, alongside performing with multiple dance companies and projects in New York City. These companies allow her to delve into teaching workshops in creative movement, modern dance, Capoeira and socially conscious choreography. Working within public schools as well as dance programs, she has found a love of teaching and getting involved with the young population.

In 2007, Solana finished her 11 years of Waldorf education at the Princeton Waldorf School in New Jersey. Looking back at that time she has nothing but love, gratitude, and excitement for those years she had growing up within a Waldorf community.

The value that Waldorf education has on child development and the important relationships it cultivates between people is what has brought her to Brooklyn Morning Garden. Solana looks forward to assisting and building connections in the classroom this fall.