Conscious Caregiving

In this ongoing series we will share with you the tools you need to bring more ease and intention into your relationships with children, whatever they look like.

Each session will provide an overview of Waldorf pedagogy, with specific emphasis on very young children and their developmental needs.

Upon completing a session you will also gain access to our online workshop portal, where you can find all of the information covered in the workshop in an easily reviewable format—including exclusive video content.

Part III: Boundaries

January 12, 2019

In this session you will learn tools to help foster young children’s independence while keeping them safe and providing for them the capacity for judgement they do not yet possess. We will discuss how to use boundary setting in a healthy and supportive way and provide a space for you to explore your own mindset around discipline.

Pay what you can: $25-$50

Part IV: Melody

Coming Soon

Music and song are incredibly powerful tools for working with children. They can be the cornerstones of your daily rhythms, a source of whimsy, a tool to find your breath in stressful situations. We’ll spend this session learning songs that speak to children’s developing sense of melody and gently guide them through the dreamlike state of early childhood.

The Parent

All primary caregivers are welcomed, regardless of their family structure, to this session dedicated specifically to the work of parenting. Learn what you can do to make your household an environment that supports the growth of young children and nurtures the entire family. We’ll talk about how to create healthy rhythms, how to chose and manage playthings, the value of free play and much more.


Mornings In the Garden

Mindfulness Through Art

These events are a time for the adults in our community to find their breath and create imperfect beauty. We’ll work across various media and explore the qualities of light, color, and movement—both in the work, and in ourselves. No prior artistic training required.

water colors

Experience the beauty mindfully applying pigments to paper. Explore the soul qualities of different colors and enjoy a peaceful morning spent painting freely.

Plant Pigments

Commune with plants through the subtlety and grace of their pigments. Learn to dye fabric with plants from passionate fiber artist Barbara Westwood, and find a new appreciation for the color that fills our natural world.