For the youngest children in our community and their caregivers.

Come explore Morning Garden’s newest offering, specifically designed to complement our playgroup and provide a space for younger children to gently acclimate to a larger social setting. Willow will welcome children 18 months though 2 years old and their caregivers into our space for a a low-key morning that offers younger children the chance to socialize without the pressure of separation yet. Groundwork will serve those looking to enroll in the Playgroup (or any similar program) in the future to help them ease into classroom life.

We will join from 9:30-11 on Friday mornings to to share some tea and practical work, while the children play in a warm and supportive environment.

These sessions are open to all families, whether you’re planning to enroll in the playgroup or not! New sessions are always being added, so check back or sign up for our Community Newsletter if you want to be notified.

Upcoming Sessions

Groundwork - March
from 10.00