Gather the tools you need to bring more ease and intention to your caregiving

We all come to caregiving with approaches and beliefs that we gathered through our own childhood, from the media, from others we’ve observed. Parenting books will tell you a million different things, leaving you neurotic and inauthentic in your practices. In these workshops, Willow shares an approach that that puts self-work first, is grounded in a deeply holistic understanding of human development, and honors the sacred humanity of caregivers and children alike. We will help you tap into your intuition and discover that you have everything you need to care for the children in your life, to help them grow in the ways they need.

Upon completing a session you will also gain access to our online workshop portal, where you can find all of the information covered in the workshop in an easily reviewable format. 

to keep this work ACCESSIBLE, All workshop fees are pay-as-you-can.



Learn the basics. Understand where your children are developmentally and Create a daily rhythm that works for your entire family. Learn how to dance between form and freedom and find breath in your days.

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Deep dive into discipline and boundaries. Learn steps to own your authority, understand and interpret children’s behavior, and provide loving and supportive boundaries.

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Enrich your days with this practical class on bringing the arts to young children. learn to offer painting, movement, and song in conscious ways that will support the children’s developing senses and enrich your daily and weekly rhythms.

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Our basics class, specifically modified for professional caregivers of all sorts. Learn to work within a family’s existing rhythm and manage professional integrity, while supporting the children in your care.

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